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SI Training In Chennai Police Commissioner's office [News]

SI Training In Chennai Police Commissioner's office [News]

1078 police sub-inspectors are to be directly elected by the Tamil Nadu police. For this special training in Chennai Police Commissioner's office.

Direct selection
1078 Tamil Nadu police sub-inspectors of police has declared that the government will be selected directly. The application has been received by the petitions currently online. As of March 23 and 24th in the written test will be held on the applicants. The win sent the written examination application along with various training centers are being trained.

Intensive training for the police and the police department are being applied in the allocation.

The commissioner's office training
Police have applied for the allocation of Madras, Chennai Police Commissioner's office to the police in connection with the legal lesson is given special training for 2 hours every evening. Commissioner George Testament, additional deputy commissioner siyamaladevi lesson in this regard is on.

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