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How to Apply and Get New Ration Card through Online Application in Tamil nadu with help of www.tnpds.com

TNPDS has been introduced the new system to get ration card (Family Card) Through online mode with out any hesitation and it's really helps to all consumer around Tamil nadu.  This service was effective from 2016 diwali new family card member can easily apply through online mode with necessary documents.
Apply for New Ration Card in Tamil nadu
Apply for New Ration Card in Tamil nadu
Currently, applicants for new ration cards, ration card will be issued within 60 days of the new plan is in effect. But, for several months, but reports emerging that the ration card provided. The controllable, fast food industry, HC ration card system is planning to apply through the website.

Diwali is the first to implement the plan, the government has decided. www.tnpds.com new family the website to apply. After the names of the family members, who asked for the documents to be uploaded.

Ration card type, in which the cylinders are questions of detail. The identification number of the applicant, which had been recorded in the mobile phone. This situation can get to know the ration card.

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How to Apply for ration cards online:

Step 1: Go to https://www.tnpds.com/pages/register.xhtml (New Ration in Tamil nadu Online Application Page)
Step 2: Enter your Old Famil Cad Number and Mobile Number.
Step 3: Enter Family Head Name, District, Taluk, Village, Ration Shop Details, Ration Cad Type, Family Members and their Age Details, Cylinder Details, Correct "A Register" Number.
Step 4: Then Press "Register" Option.

Help Center Number for TNPDS:

If you any queries related with TNPDS you contact with official help line numbers as follows,
Call: 1967 / 1800-425-5901


  1. I am Jeyaveerapandian Director of JVP group Colleges and Supervise of AADHAAR . May i will serve in the Ration Card entry services . how i will get permit other wise not nessesory permission to the services ? please define to me . 9994301542. jvpcommunitycollege@gmail.com

    1. I Am sathiya Veeran from kappa area, here so many families are need to apply a new ration card but they are getting difficult for it, so I would like to help for that people to apply online.... So kindly tell me are u got any approval from government side.. Please reply me at sathiyaveeran@yahoo.in

  2. now a days lot of people are haven't ration card they are tried more and more time to the thasildhar office and Civil supply office but they not having ration card even responds reply also they not receive . so they are very inter buried to get rice and basic food need materials . so i like to serve the new ration care entry by online . but i don"t now how it will get approval for the services . so please tell me by mobile 9994301542. or sent mail jvpcommunitycollege@gmail.com . you may reply to me or you also not responds to me .

    1. Dear sir,
      I do not have a ration card so far. Please let me know how to proceed further.
      Kindly note that I have the following documents: Adharcard, Passport, Driving licence,Bank Account passbook, Electricity Bill, Voters Id card.
      Please do reply to my mail, shyamalasubbu@gmail.com

    2. do you know details please call me 9600640918

  3. hai sir , i m from kerala, i would like to make a ration card in tamil nadu, what is rules and regulations for that, i m with my wife saying here in chennai last 5 years

  4. Dear sir,
    I do not have a ration card so far. Please let me know how to proceed further Kindly

  5. I want new ration card..how to apply my mobile numper 9894781329
    Pls contact

  6. En peru.Amaresh.R
    Na Hosur,Ennoda ration card erukuu hanaa, first ennoda parents tamilnadu la dhaaa erundhanguu,Ana eppu other state ku poetanguuu. Na matumdhaa eppu tamilnadu la erukuradhuu.next month Indian Army selection adhukuuu ration card venumm, please call 9008911841

  7. En Peru.Amaresh.R
    Nann Hosur, ennoda ration card erukuu hanaa ennoda parents first tamilnadu la dhaaa erundhanguu hanaa eppu other state ku poetanguuu, na matumdhaa tamilnadu la dhaaa eruken, next month Indian Army selection so ration card compulsory... please call 9008911841


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