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PLUS TWO PROVISIONAL MARK CERTIFICATE DOWNLOAD AND TC RELATED DETAILS | Secondary Secondary Year General Publication, March / April 2018 - Provisional Mark Certificate 

After March 2015 the results of the first test results were announced, the scheme for temporary score certificates was introduced. Accordingly, the applicants can use the temporary score certificates for college admissions and emergency. Then the upper level exam certificates will be printed and distributed to the school. Accordingly, on the basis of the results of the second year general examination on 16.05.2018, from 18.05.2018 to the first of the two school addresses from and

The School Heads of Tertiary Examination is a temporary mark for the examination specialists at their center You have to download the certificates to the user ID assigned to PASSWORD and check the details of the certificates, and prepare the school headmaster's signature and school stamp. 

The aforesaid temporary score will be distributed by the schools / private examination centers involved in the school examinations / individual examinations on the afternoon of 21.05.2018. Only temporary score certificates should be delivered on the date of the above date. 

If the school teachers / individuals are required, they are required to download the temporary score certificates from the website from 21.05.2018 at the end of the day.

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