April 16-30 Important Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Expected Current Affairs Questions ( April 16 - 30 )

1. India recently successfully test-fired the ballistic missile named ________.
- Agni III

2. What is the operation range of the newly tested Agni III ballistic missile?
- 3000 KM

3. Name the indigenously built Stealth Destroyer ship recently launched.
- Vishakhapatnam(Project 15 B)

4. Vladimir Makei who recently visited India is the foreign minister of which country?
- Belarus

5. Name the country(s) recently PM Visited in a 3 Nation Tour.
- France, Germany and Canada

6. Which state government recently decided to discontinue Guard of Honour to ministers?
- Maharashtra

7. What is the rank of India in the list of Generator of e-Waste in 2014 in Global E-Waste Monitor 2014 by United Nations University (UNU)?
- 5 th

8. E-Samiksha was recently launched by which Ministry?
- Railways Ministry

9. Railways Ministry recently launched E- Samiksha to ______________.
- monitor rail projects online

10. ‘Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Puraskar’ has been renamed to _________.
- Rajbhasha Kirti Puraskar

11. Rajbhasha Kirti Puraskar was previously known as ____________.
- ‘Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Puraskar’

12. Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Gyan-Vigyan Maulik Pustak Lekhan Puraskar has been renamed to
- Rajbhasha Gaurav Puraskar

13. How much money was allocated by Union Government to Combat Cyber Security Threats?
- 775 Crore

14. Which national park was recently declared as India's 48th Tiger Reserve?
- Rajaji National Park

15. Rajaji National Park recentl declared as India's 48th Tiger Reserve is located in which state?
- Uttarakhand

16. Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand was declared as India's 48th Tiger Reserve thus becoming 2nd Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand. Which is the first one?
- Corbett Tiger Reserve

17. What was the rank of Indian Passport in the survey by Go-Euro?
- 48

18. India recently signed a bilateral agreement on maritime transport with which country?
- Jordan

19. Which ministry recently received ISO 9001:2008 certification?
- Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

20. India recently delivered three multi-role Cheetal helicopters to which country?
- Afghanistan

21. India recently had Naval Exercise named VARUNA with which country?
- France

22. What is the rank of India on World Happiness Index?
- 117

23. India recently launched Operation Maitri for what purpose?
- Relief and rescue in Nepal after Earthquake

24. Which state government recently tied up with Tel Aviv, Israel for Smart Cities?
- Maharashtra

25. Maharashtra recently tied up with ___________ for smart cities.
- Tel Aviv, Israel

26. How many sites were recently approved by the Union Government for Nuclear Projects?
- 10

27. Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) was launched with a financial outlay of Rs ____________.
- 50000 Crore

28. Government recently approved Smart Cities Mission to build _______.
- 100 Smart Cities

29. What is the proposed amount to build 100 Smart Cities under Central Government’s Smart Cities Mission?
- 48,000 Crore

30. Name the indigenous cryogenic engine which ISRO recently tested.
- CE-20

31. ISRO successfully tested indigenous cryogenic engine CE-20 which has a capacity of
- Four-tonne

32. Which state government recently approved a farmer compensation scheme named after Gajender Singh?
- Delhi

33. Which district was recently declared as the first 'open defecation-free' district in India?
- Nadia, WB

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