TN 12th Re totaling/Recounting 2019 Details and Fees Details

TN 12th Re totaling/Recounting 2019 Details and Fees Details

Candidates who have want apply for Re Totaling/Re Counting for an Subject you can follow these steps. Students starts apply through on Following dates on May 8 to apply to recalculate.

However, the test department director Devarajan announcement: Answer sheet copy and recalculate the score for students attending schools by themselves, private candidates too, apply by test centers.
  • Re Totaling Application Starts on Coming 8/5/2015 to 14/5/2015 Last date (except Sunday).
  • Only those who copy answer sheet, answer sheet can apply for reassessment.
  • Answer sheet copy the auditorium, the same subject, to recalculate the score should not apply; After receiving a copy of the answer sheet, they are given the opportunity to apply to recalculate or revaluation.
  • Copy of answer sheet, the language each, 550 rupees; Each of the other subjects, 275 rupee fee.
  • To recalculate each of the language and biology, 305 rupees; For other subjects, respectively, per 205 fee. These rates apply to pay in cash at the School. Acknowledgement will be given the copy sheet and apply to recalculate the bill, candidates must be kept safe; The oil used in the application, through the internet, download a copy of the answer sheet, you can learn to recalculate the results.

And web address of the website to download a copy of the answer sheet will be issued after that date. Plus 2 for those who do not pass the test, the selection of a special deputy, will take place at the end of June. The students and the schools they attended, private candidates please contact your respective examination centers, from May 20 till 15, can register their name. Help choose the subjects you want to write, pay the exam fees, can record their name; There is no separate application.

Plus 2 exam, in each lesson, examination fees of 50 rupees; Surcharges 35 rupees, to be paid in cash at the respective schools. Apart from examination fees, to accept the registration phase, ventumivvaru pay 50 rupees, is announcing the test field.

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