Luxe IMAX Screen Specialties and Ticket Pricing, Screen size, Capacity

Luxe is home to 11 state-of-the-art screens, a total of 2,688 seats. Each screen has been specially designed with stylishly comfortable seats, decor and lighting. Each screen though has its own unique design, theme and identity with a mix of different imported fabrics.

The combination of designer vinyl seats, and the mélange of colour make for a sensational ambiance.

The screens are equipped with top of the line entertainment technology; including RDX-4K and RDX-3D technology, 2.4 gain Silver Screens and digital audio that delivers a stunning cinematic experience. The screens are equipped with 4 way QSC speakers with the world's leading QSC DCP 300 processor to give high precision in all frequency ranges with parametric equalization. These high quality equipment are tuned with standards of SMPTE to give maximum voice clarity, ultimately leaving you with an unparalleled audio experience.

Luxe IMAX Screen Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai Photos

 Chennai's IMAX (Luxe) Priced at 360/-

#Spectre was the first movie of IMAX Screen at price rate of Rs.360/-

Enquiries reveal the two screens:

Luxe IMAX at Pheonix Mall in Velachery and Palazzo IMAX at Vijaya Forum Mall in Vadaplani — are yet to get government clearance.

Which could be priced around Max cap of Rs.300 and Where Tamil nadu government has been hard against this move and strictly want to push the price below Rs.200 max.

As per sources Sathyam Palazzo would start their operations with normal multiplex screens shelving aside IMAX screen, as they have already started feeling the heat. 

Lets hope for the best and hopefully wait for IMAX screens to be open atleast by this year's end.

Source: Cineulagam
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