Vijayakanth spitting at reporters Full Video

DMDK Leader Vijayakanth - today he was literally Spit at the reporters.

In Chennai today (27.12.15), conducted on behalf of DMDK Vijayakanth camp program entered its head.  Vijayakanth met with reporters, posed the question of electoral alliances. The answer is very angry, "she told The question to ask," told reporters that the proposed questions Vijayakanth, forget the indignities of his position, said to reporters.

Vijayakanth, his party administrators typically put in place, we know the events to score. Likewise, journalists, indecent vijayakanth the first time to act. Vijayakanth condemning the actions already warned him several times in the press organizations issuing statements of condemnation, Vijayakanth staged protest blockade of the office. However, if journalists raise question Vijayakanth still did not change the vile action is confirmed by today's event.

The Indian Constitution, believes in, and all parties have been given the rights to respect that "National Progressive Dravidian Association," the party's election commission who registered Vijayakanth, journalists bullied puts action adopted by the Constitution, as they provide the freedom he changed becomes clear.

Vijayakanth conducted kanniyakkurai journalists to apologize publicly insists that the transition to a media center.
This is not only confined to statements of condemnation, gather all journalists, future journalists of any person to take action frightening kanniyakkurai leading center for journalists and calls for change.

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