Kerala SSLC SAY Exam Timetable/Dates 2016

Kerala SSLC SAY Examination Timetable 2016

The official results of Kerala SSLC examinations was published on 27 April 2016. Kerala SAY Exam 2016 timetables have been published and the dates are also listed by Pareeksha Bhavan. Kerala SSLC SAY examination will be scheduled to be conduct from May 23. If the student failed to secure pass grade, can apply the next say exam. Fees for the exam is Rs. 100 per paper. Submit filled application with copy of this year SSLC result sheet.

Kerala SSLC SAY Exam 2016 Dates are from 23 May to 27th May 2016 and the dates of announcement of results of SAY examinations of Kerala SSLC & THSLC will be informed soon.

SSLC SAY Exam Time Table 2016

This year there are lot of students have failed in the SSLC. The percentage of success was also lower than last year and only 96.59 % of students who wrote the SSLC exams  had passed. 

So Kerala SAY Exam 2016 timetable dates, application forms for applying for SSLC, THSLC SAY exams .etc, is inquired by students and parents of those who failed. Also the amount of fees that has to be paid for writing the  SAY Exam 2016

Timetable Dates of Kerala SAY Exam 2016 – SSLC & THSLC

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