TNPL Chepauk Super Gillies Team Squad - Tamil Nadu Premier League 2016

#TNPL T20 - Tamilnadu Premier League 2016 Team Chennai logo and complete squad has been revealed support you check the complete squad.

The Mentronation Television Chennai Pvt Ltd has announced the name of its Tamil nadu Premier League franchise and unveiled the logo.

The selected name was submitted by three respondents - S Kannan of Madurai, I Abubakkar of Thiruthuraipoondi and L Balaji of Tiruvallur. The design of J Jhonson Anandha Kumar of Coimbatore was chosen as the winning logo. The team will sport ‘ Pattaya Kelappu ’ as its slogan. Commenting on the reason for adopting the approach of a contest to select the team name and logo, the team owner Sivanthi Adityan said, “Across the world, the success and popularity of any sporting league team largely depends on its fan-following and loyalty. That’s why we decided to engage fans right from this stage. The overwhelming response validated our belief. Having said that, the name and logo inspired by the winners will be the envy of any top-notch professional.”
Source: dtnext
Chepauk Super Gillies
Chepauk Super Gillies Logo

Chepauk Super Gillies (Rs 5.13 crore) Owner: Metronation Chennai Television Private Limited 

Chepauk Super Gillies Team squad Players:

  1. R Sathish
  2. Yo Mahesh
  3. Thalaivan Sargunam
  4. Antony Dhas
  5. KH Gopinath
  6. R Sai Kishore
  7. U Sasidev
  8. Joel Joseph
  9. D Tamil Kumaran
  10. R Alexandar
  11. Vasanth S'nan
  12. B Rahul
  13. Ashwath M'than
  14. S Karthik
  15. Rajeel Abdul Rahman
  16. PS Nirmal Kumar
  17. Vasudevan
  18. Aditya Barooah
  19. V Shibi Jawahar.

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