List of Top Tamil Entertainment Youtube channels

What are some great YouTube channels targeting Tamil audience?

Here the complete list top entertainment tamil youtube channels that provide instant updates about roadside shows, cinema review, weekly web series, and some viral content through humor ways. Lets checks this out.!

Tamil Entertainment Youtube channels

Put Chutney

Original, weird, spoofy, irreverent, witty and random south side stories. Putting Chutney since 2015.

Smile Settai

Want to know if that latest movie is worth watching, go watch our Dumbest Reviews, a unique movie review format where we use no words to describe the movie but do it with our actions and body language!  Want to be more up to date with the country's politics but also want to be entertained along the way? Head this way, The Beep Show is world renown RJ Vignesh Kanth's patent pending show about the affairs of the week! This show is also our main platform towards our live events and our volunteer community service drives.

Also Smile Settai have associated with Smile Mixture, Smile OATS, Smile Film League.

Madras Meter

Trying to define a city's atmosphere and energy through the perilous medium of video is a huge task; but it's what we're trying to do! Subscribe to us for fresh, creative, innovative and engaging views into the lives of us Chennai-karangal!

Madras Central

Madras Central is a full-service content creation company that believes in the power of storytelling with a humour element to it. We are a social content creation company. Whatever type of business you work in, people always want to watch humorous content online. Bringing this human element to the fore is really at the heart of the content producer.

Paracetamol Paniyaram

With the ever-present and ever-annoying advent of so-called "viral" content, we offer you the cure : Paracetamol Paniyaram!

Temple Monkeys

We are just youtubers avlo dhan.


We started of as a Theatre Company, we loved telling stories. Here, we tell stories on youtube with Spoken Word, Documentaries and Web Series.

Interval TV

Join Badava Gopi as he goes on a musical adventure, singing, mimicking and imitating his way to a land of fun and frolic. Supported by his wife Haritha Badavagopi, this channel will showcase Badava's long list of talents. Stick around and you'd find them to be utterly irresistible.

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