11 Best Emotional Status you must Share with your Boy Friend or Girl Friend

 Hey all in this post we updated the most painful, emotional Facebook and WhatsApp Status. Alright all we know that love is an combination of pain and emotion feeling though you must expose your feeling to your loved one and that's really helps to make your relationship more strong.

11 Best Emotional Status
Top Breakup Feeling Texts

Here the Top Breakup Feeling Texts for your Loved One:

One day i will leave This world and never come back.
You will cry when You will see my number.
You will miss me, when you feel alone.
You won't hear My laugh or voice ever again...
There will be no more me to irritate you...
There will be no more to make you laugh...
Tears might fall out from your Eyes...
But I will be Gone..
Long and forever Gone..
So enjoy my silliness and caring loving, stupid company before i close my eyes forever..
Just saying, but I know most of you would not even care...

Share This with your Girl Friend or Boy Friend. Spread your Feeling.. Happy Long live..!!

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