Top 10 Facts About Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi - You need to Know

1. Reason behind Rapper

Aadhi did not learn rap Professionally. Actually there us a small story behind this. When he was studying in 8th or 9th standard his parents bought a new computer. They also got a software which had the program. Fruity Loops in it. Aadhi took notice of that and begun to produce beats for fun. Step by step he to rap on that beats.

2. Born in Puliyampatti [Coimbatore, Tamilnadu]

Aadhi was born in a small village named Puliyampatti, Coimbatore District Tamilnadu.

3. Best selling Album

His First album named Hip hop Tamizhan was a best seller in that year.

4. Rap in Ethir Neechal Tamil Movie

In the album of Ethir Neechal Hiphop Tamizha did a small rap which contains the line "English Pesinalum Thamizhan Da". Actually Aadhi got this line from his father.

5. Youtube Account Since 2005

Aadhi's Youtube Channel account exists Since 2005.

6. Featured in India Book of Records

In "India Book of Records" you will find Hiphop Tamizha's name, because h was the first one who released an Indian Tamil Hip hop album in India.

7. Change of Independent Artist Cinema Music Director

Actually Hiphop Tamizha did not have idea to come to the cinema field. He want to continue as an dependent Artist. But after a time his parents his music asked him what job he want to do, because music is only a hobby, which would not boring him regular income. Afterwards Aadhi should be enter in to music direction". on facebook. C.V Kumar recognized that and asked him now he came to this conclusion, because C.V Kumar asked Aadhi a long time ago to come cinema and Aadhi said no he would not. After two days director Sundar C Committed him for the movie Aambala.

8. Help of Club Le Mabbu Le Album

Actually Aadhi got popular through his song "Club Le Mabbu Le" Even Anirudh be came aware of him of him after hearing this song and booked Aadhi for the song in Ethir Neechal.

9. Got more Albums in Kollywood

Hiphop Tamizha's nest two Kollywood albums are Aranmani 2 and Kathakali, Thani Oruvan.

10. Another Independent Album and Movie going to release

Hiphp Tamizha is going to release an album as an Independent Artist Soon and also he direct his own film named as "Meesaya Muruku".

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