What's with all this caste pride?

This post was written by Vidhya Vijayaraghavan  from Facebook.

I saw a thread about 'Why is it difficult to find brides among *insert caste name* caste girls?' and the reply comments were so ugly, ranging from 'Our caste girls have no culture and values any more' , 'The lower castes have made a sketch to grab all our girls' 'They are infiltrating and destroying our pure bloodline' etc etc.,

I don't want to say evil things about any caste. It is just the stupid casteist people, the whole concept of caste and the hierarchy of different castes that is sick.

But of late, so many people are 'feeling prouddaaawwww' for being born into some caste. Really guys? You feel so proud for being born as a privileged person? You actually feel proud for belonging to an ideology that has shamed millions of people for hundreds of years?

Recently, this really famous religious orator was over at my college to give a talk. She gave a (yeah, a woman) good speech. Although I didn't really agree with her idea of morality, it was pretty okay. Then finally she told this 'You are women. Your body is god's gift. You should preserve it. You should cover it. Cutting your hair and wearing pants like man won't make you one. Be a woman. Be humble. Be like Seetha,draupadi,kannagi'

I was like 'Wtf?' Seetha was left to rot in the forest when she was pregnant because her own husband wouldn't trust her. Draupadi wasn't even asked for her consent before being married off to 5 men and before being pawned off to the Gauravas. Kannagi's husband was a stud. If this is their idea of morality and this is how they expect and advise every woman to be, I think the whole concept is bullshit.

Which is the same case with caste. Totally bullshit concepts and reasons are being given by these casteist people in justifying their caste pride. Whenever we question somebody as to how exactly the upper caste brand is cool to show out, while there still are millions of oppressed caste people cleaning our drainages, rotting in slums, denied equal treatment, not even allowed to being buried in a common cemetery, they simply say, 'No. This is not caste. This is way of life. By virtue, anybody can become this.' This by far, is the most subtle way to uphold your caste pride without making yourself look guilty.

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You take a huge sharp knife. Wrap it up in gift wrapper. Talk to people about the glitter, beauty and color of the gift paper. Then take the knife. Slaughter all the people who do not have the knife of the gift wrapper. Now again talk about the virtues of the gift wrapper. And you forget or hide what the knife actually did and is doing. That is your caste for you. 

By talking about flowery concepts and books and *you yourself do not have any of these virtues you casteist pig* values, you are praising the knife and wrapper. You and your knife have killed people, are killing people and will continue to kill people. But you won't talk about that. That is called hypocrisy.

One cannot really disown one's caste. Atleast not everyone, mainly because of one's parents,family and other people who have always known who you are and your conversations might have always been subtly garnished with your caste. But the least you could do is, not talk of how great your caste is or not feel proud of yourself for being who ever you are. 

You were born with truckloads of privilege. You better start doing something to help the others who don't enjoy as much privilege. Or atleast keep your mouth shut about your privileges.

If you wet your bed everyday, you wouldn't go around telling people what you do, would you? Your caste pride is just as, or even more shameful than wetting your bed. You better think twice before doing that ever again!

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