Maveeran Kittu Review & Rating - The solid #Suseenthiran stamp

Maveeran Kittu Review & Rating - The solid #Suseenthiran stamp

MaveeranKittu - The solid #Suseenthiran stamp this review was written by Vinodh Kumar

Susee is one of my personal favorite film makers who has contributed some gem of films from his side to festoon Tamil cinema... A great fan of his reality oriented scripts with that precision... I would rate this as Susee's best till date... Caste politics and the suppression of dalit community and their uplift ethically written and pictured. So much of vehemence in narration for this period flick set up in the 80's... You could harmonize with the actual context when something as deep as this is dealt without the likes of any "superstar"... You could envisage the boiling brawl for the basic rights when the plot it well built as in here. Simply Suseenthiran entities.

Maveeram Kittu Review & Ratings

Parthiban plays the mutineer and roles such as these are tailor made for the expertise of this eminent artist.. Rebellious act to buoy up his sect which has been subjected to maltreatment for years... Instant goose flesh for this character sketch and the portrayal... Ace acting.

Vishnu Vishal is that rare breed current gen actor who knows how to get noticed in the midst of his clan... He goes with the ideals of "believe in the concept for the audience to believe in you"... This guy and his script selection process has been ceaselessly sublime... Quality act as Kittu... With this approach he is sure to reach heights...

Imman has always been the director's composer... When used well this composer yields his best and yet another specimen of his stellar work... His bgm here speaks the thirst for change and revolution... Thrusting tunes.

A not to be missed mutinous movie where you can better understand the victimization in the name of caste... Suseenthiran stands tall.

# Maveeran Kittu - Mighty fit-u... Hit-u
# 4/5

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