Saithan Tamil Movie Reviews & Ratings - The Sharp thorn

Saithan Tamil Movie Reviews & Ratings - The Sharp thorn

Vijay Antony Starring Saithan Tamil Movie Review and Ratings - Written by Vinodh Kumar on Facebook

#Saithan - Deadly python.

Vijay Antony at this rate is a menace to all the top guns in the perch. A loud shout cementing his stature in the picture... This man is not just awesome he is awesome Swapping one's career is as simple as any pint-sized personality could do... But that endurance to adapt and the commitment towards the craft you have preferred is what brings you the praise and this guy is wholly worth the price... All admiration for the contrast in the characters he plays, variations in the postures and his eye contact... Pothole of potential. Time and again this guy is immensely impressive and gives a run for the money.

Debutant Pradeep delivers a high concept psychological thriller adapting Sujatha's "Aah" novel and unfolds to end up commercially liable to the cinematic curves... Shrewd narration and screenplay... Too good an ask from a first timer... Keeps you occupied throughout the two hours arousing one's interest with each and every scene right from the start. Jet speed 1st half followed by the calculative latter half altogether makes saithan a distinct debut from the director.

Apart from Vijay Antony who has dominated the screen with his diabolic performance all the other characters involved have done full justice to their respective roles especially the lead actress ArunthathiNair who is equally vital as Vijay Antony... Acclaim for the maker again for sketching these cranks...

Vijay Antony has not compromised with his music either. Daring bgm to support the plot and keep alive the mood of the movie... Man this guy is a profound package.

Vijay Antony's unabating winning ways continues. A must watch worth every penny spent...

# Saithan - Sharp thorn
# 3.75 / 5

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