Top 8 amazing facts about Jayalalitha

Top Things That Every Indian Should Know About Jayalalithaa.!

The Woman In Green-An epitaph for J Jayalalitha A damsel forayed into limelight, Soared into the starry heights. Skilled with the performing arts, Topped the film industry charts. Her mentor paved her inception, By sensing a strong perception. Transitioning from the silver screen, Gave rise to the woman in green. A pink in the vast ocean of blues, Filled the predecessor's powerful shoes.
Maternally addressed as 'Amma', She won many with her charisma. By waving her two fingers in the air, Many a times, she gained the chair.

Often implementing a new strategy, Her face became the people's effigy. Deep within, there were great flaws, Nevertheless, she garnered applause. To the far skies, she has bade. Leaving a legacy that cannot fade.

Here we updated the complete top unknown facts about Selvi J Jayalalitha Ex Chief Minister of Tamil nadu. Photo Credits by Awesome Machi Facebook Page

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Here the Top 8 amazing facts about Selvi J Jayalalitha:

1. Learnt Bharatnatyam when she was just 3

2. Joins the Tamil Films at age of 15

3. Not allowed to watch her own movies

4. First Salary was 3000

5. Strongest  female politician ever 

6. Kalaimamani award by the Govt.

7. Several Doctorates and honours 

8. Great reader of english books

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