Lessons from Tamilnadu youth from the Jallikattu Revolution

Jallikattu Revolution
Jallikattu Revolution

Here the Top Lessons from Tamilnadu youth from the Jallikattu Revolution. Each and every Indian must need to know about Tamilans.

1. Set an example for the indian youth on how to use the social media for a good cause.

2. May be leaderless but they are non violent and well coordinates within the limits of law.

3. Inspired people from 6 to 60 brought them to the forefront

4. Used their presence of mind when their basic rights were denied by the govt.

5. No religion differences, no caste differences, no economic differences, no actor fights unified together for a common cause.

6. Kept the politicians out allowed the right channel and kept out the paid journos.

7. Wise use of social media to garner the attention towards the issue through out india & world.

8. Well disciplined, well mannered, well organised gave utmost importance for women's safty and respect.

9. Remove the garbage themselves and keep the area clean.

10. came out of their comfort zone braved many hurdles and still protesting with strong determination.

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