How To Register And Use SBI pay App | SBI pay UPI

How To Download SBI Pay App from PlayStore for Android |And How to Register And Use SBI pay App | How to use SBI pay UPI | How to Send / Transfer Money using SBI Pay App | How to Made Transaction using SBI Pay App

SBI State Bank of India has been introduced the new payment mobile application for the android user can easily made a transaction safely using the smartphone.

What is SBI Pay UPI App?
Make payments easier using Virtual Payment Address(VPA) Pay & collect in SBI Pay

Advantages of SBI Pay App:

  • Made funds settlement in Real time.
  • You just need payee virtual address and name for fund transfer.
  • There is no need to share account information every time.
  • Receive and send money instantly.
  • You can add multiple banks account in SBI PAY-UPI App.
  • It is the fastest money sending the app.
  • No need to visit your bank branch to transferring funds.
  • Provided by RBI.
  • You can pay online bill payments, buy train tickets, and book your flight, do online shopping etc. with UPI app easily.

How to download and Install SBI Pay App in android:

1. Go to Play Store and download SBI Pay App

2. Now it shows some error message like "Your device is not registered".

3. For registration, SMS will be sent and standard SMS charge will apply.

4. Ask for confirmation your number and click yes.

5. Fill your details for UPI registration.

6. Choose your virtual address username and this will be your virtual address id and fill the rest details to register. For example, your virtual address ID Chosen as xyz@sbi

7. This xyz@sbi is enough for pay and receive money. no other details like account number, ifsc code etc, are not required.

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