How to get Smart Ration Card in Tamilnadu - Step by Step Guide

Food Minister R. Kamaraj said the advanced smart ration cards would be issued within few months in Tamilnadu. More than 49% of the ration cards has been added by aadhar card numbers of all family members, had been registered digitally.

Overall 2.03 crore ration cards, the Aadhaar cards details of all the members of the family had been collected in about 92.51 lakh ration cards (49%), while details of Aadhaar details of at least one of the members of the card had been registered in the case of 87.32 lakh cards.

Besides, about 10.50 lakh cards, which do not have Aadhaar details of all the members, have been registered digitally. In total, details of 1.90 crore cards of the 2.03 crore cards have been registered.

Sources:  The Hindu

How to get Smart Ration Immediately in Tamilnadu:

1. Candidates must need to connect your aadhar details with ration card through online.

3. Candidates who have already combined aadhar card details with the family card now you may get your respective Smart Ration Card as soon as possible. 

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