TNDGE Screening Test Results and weightage Marks

TNDGE Screening Test Results and weight-age Marks Details- Interview Details:

Laboratory Assistant in the government schools 'weighted' Score detail output certificate validation begins on 9 | Laboratory Assistant in the government schools 'weighted' scores will be released in detail. This work starts on March 9 for certificate validation. It is the school's director CA. Kannappan statement reads: - Government secondary, secondary schools approved laboratory assistant vacancies direct appointment for a written examination in 2015-the year on May 30 on state exams Drive, conducted and results yesterday posted on the website.

 Vacancies on  district in accordance with its terms of 1: 5 ratio, the certificate issued by Checklist Primary Education Officers. The list of applicants on the basis of the marks, in practice, on the basis of information submitted by the applicants to be prepared. Certificate validation Certificate Verification work started on the 9th of next month to the District Primary Education Officers will be announced on October 11, will be conducted at the centers.

Written score of 167. The 150 score. During the remaining 17 marks certificate verification 'weighted' provided the basis. Its details are as follows: - Employment registration  given 10 marks. In addition to the education qualification will be given 5 points. For those who have passed Plus -2 2 marks 3 marks both a bachelor's degree and above, in addition to those with prior experience as a laboratory assistant will be given 2 marks. 6.5.2015 until the final day of the mission was eligible to apply for the examination of priority employment record, educational qualification, the experience will be considered. Certificate verification marks on the basis of submitted original documents will be returned.

After the documents submitted do not take into account in its consideration. For work experience recognized by the state schools, colleges, who worked in the period from 6.5.2015 will be considered. Certificate verification and then select the character marks, certification marks for verification of the certificate presented by the merit list will be made on the basis of the total marks. At its core  in practice, on the basis of other quota, to vacancies been selected, the selection list will be published immediately. Selected by the respective District Education Officers Employment Decree issued by open discussion. Thus, he said.

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