How To Track Pan Card Status through online

PAN card, a digit alpha-numeric identity is all that you need to carry out any financial transactions in India. It is one of the most important requirement and must attach with all types of monetary exchanges. It is a must have proof of identity. Post demonetization in India the importance of PAN card has exponentially raised. Now it is advised to have a PAN card with every individual or business person who is above 18.

Permanent Account Number is one of the key identities that contributes to the countries economy. If you don't understand how? Here is a short explanation. PAN card legalizes and identifies every transaction in India if it is attached to it. This would help the government to keep track of the country's transactions and cash flow. In this way, it would help to country's economy by reducing Black money.

In India, it is mandatory to have a PAN card if you own or going to start a business. Every business person must have a PAN card to validate his business transactions. Due to the digital India mission and to support startup Government has eased the process of issuing the PAN. Nowadays you can get a PAN card in a day.  If you haven't applied yet, then you should do it now. If you aren't aware of the method for applying for a Permanent Account Number, then this simple article will help you apply for a PAN card in 5 minutes.

Well, this article is for the ones who has already applied for a PAN card and are eagerly waiting for it to get dispatched at their doorstep. If you have already applied for PAN, then you must be aware of the fact that it takes at least 15 days to get a PAN card. If you are worried about the status of your application, there is a simple way to know the PAN Card Status. You don't even need to be a computer guru to do this; basic skills are pretty enough to do.

This will be helpful to those who have applied for PAN card through third party offices, net centres or through PAN agents who would never assist once they get their commission. So you can check your PAN status and contact them if anything goes wrong.

How to check PAN card status?
One can easily track their PAN through online in a just a couple of minutes. It is as simple as using Facebook or Google.
So here is how you can know your PAN card status.

There are various ways to track down your application status, and it completely depends on the way you have followed to apply for PAN. One will apply for a PAN card through NSDL or UTIITSL, two portals that issue PAN cards on behalf of IT department of India.
  • Checking through NSDL, if you have applied through NSDL.
  • Checking through UTIITSL, if applied through UTIITSl.
  • Checking through SMS.

Checkingthe PAN card status through NSDL

National Security Depository Limited, NSDL is a portal that issues PAN card and also helps to track the application status. Here is how to know your NSDL PAN card status.
Details required 
  • Before proceeding to the NSDL Portal, you need to keep some details handy to ease the process. 
  • Make sure you have all these details.
  • Application Type: Refers to the type of application you have applied for. Either PAN or TAN.
  • Acknowledgement Number: A temporary number that is generated when you have applied for a PAN card
  • Name Your name as on application.
  • Date of Birth: It is the same date you mentioned on the application.
  • Once you are done with the details, just head to official NSDL Portal by clicking this link. This link allows checking your Status.

You will land on a page that displays a simple form asking you to enter the details mentioned above. You need to choose either PAN or TAN new/change request as per requirement.
Now you have an option to go ahead with either by entering your acknowledgement number or your personal details whichever you feel easy. We suggest you go with the personal details option as it would be easy. In case if you have acknowledgement number you can go with it.

Once you have entered the required details, just hit the submit button at the end of the form.
Now you can see your verified PAN card details. And it acknowledges that you have successfully obtained a new PAN card.

Checking the PAN card status through UTIITSL

This method is for the applicants who have applied through the UTIITSL portal. Before verifying the status of application through UTIITSL, you need to have a coupon number that is issued to you at the time applying for a new PAN. This is something similar to acknowledgement number. You need to keep it in handy.
If you have your coupon number, then head over to UTIITSL portal where you will find a simple form asking you to enter a coupon number. Once you have thoroughly entered the number, hit submit button, and you will see your PAN card details.

Checking your PAN card status through SMS

You can also know the status of your PAN card through your mobile. This method doesn't require any Internet. All you need is to just send an SMS in the below-mentioned format.

PAN <space>15 Digit Acknowledgement Number.

Type the message as above and send it 53030. 

You will get a return message with your PAN details.

The above-mentioned methods are easy to check your PAN status. It's just a click away, and also you can use the PAN number that was generated if you desperately need it to submit.

The first two methods are case-specific and are done accordingly as per the type of application. While the SMS method is for the NSDL application only. So we suggest people apply through NSDL as it is easy later on due to the support offered by NSDL later on.

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