M.Tech, A course of Dynamism!

M.Tech has provided immense opportunities to engineers, be it in the corporate or academic sector. Engineering graduates these days are increasingly looking to pursue M.Tech instead of an MBA or an MS. The reasons are many. M.Tech provides students indeapth knowledge in the chosen field and by pursuing this course, students can conviniently change their professions. M.Tech opens a whirlwind of opportunities like teaching andresearch . Some of the top colleges in India provide M.Tech courses and present students with an excellent opportunity at higher level education or admirable jobs in corporate sectors.
M.Tech, A course of Dynamism!

Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay is one of the best colleges in India and along with B.Tech, the college offers M.Tech courses with various specializations, ranging from Nanotechnology to Thermodynamics. IIT Bombay has one of the best placement services in the country and multinational companies like,Texas Instruments, Google and Microsoft recruit from it . The average package these companies offer is Rs.15,00,000 per annum and it has 100% placements.

Manipal Institute of Technology is a private University located in Manipal, Karnataka and is known for providing students with one of the best infrastructural facilities. MIT has specific labs for each M.Tech course and provides students with hands-on-experience in various industry related activities. The University is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, cafeterias, excellent hostel facilities and a splendid gymnasium and indoor athletic track known as ‘Marina’

Bangalore is the IT hub of the country and is naturally characterized with a host of good engineering colleges. R.V College of Engineering is one of the best Engineering colleges in the country and is known for its excellent academic councillors and placement opportunities. A unique characteristic of R.V College is that many students, after pursuing, M.Tech are absorbed as Assistant Professors by the college themselves. 

 In Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, the research opportunities are plenty and after students complete their M.Tech, they can directly opt for pursuing their research degree at the college. Students in IIT Kharagpur, are encouraged to pursue various research related ventures. In fact, the college organizes different fellowship programmes with reputed universities across the world. IIT Kharagpur has academic collaborations with Cambridge University, UK and Stanford University, USA.

DhirubhaiAmbani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, is a technological university located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat and is one of the best M.Tech Colleges in the country. The University was established in 2001 by DhirubhaiAmbani andis known for its excellent teaching and insight. The University provides more than 24 specializations in M.Tech and facilitates various fellowships for its students.

The demand for M.Tech has been rising rapidly, the dynamism of the course has insisted that colleges increase their specializations for M.Tech and all the top M tech colleges in India have been giving more importance the course. Forbes Business Magazine predicts that the demand for M.Tech will soon overtake the demand for courses like MS and Executive MBA.

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