Tech Tips Every Technology Professional Should Know

Everything these days is technology related and our productivity heavily rests on how efficient we are at its use. Technology is driving our economy and is responsible for global competition. In this article, we have compiled a list of tips that as a professional you ought to know so that you can succeed.

Tech Tips Every Technology Professional Should Know

1. Generate strong, easy-to-remember passwords
You cannot keep “1234” as your password nor can you keep your first name. This is the world where cyber laws are in place and they are there because there are certain dangers lurking in an online space. The ideal way to set up passwords is to choose eight characters in length which create the strongest passwords.

You can then play around with CAPS, numeric and letters to forge an eight character password. Don’t use anything personal in nature for obvious reasons. Although, complex passwords can become hard to remember there is a trick to that also. For instance, a phrase, “I like Star Wars 2005 prequel” can be remembered by its first letters just as in an acronym.

Merge it and you will have something of the sort “IlSW2005p” as your password. So again, play around a little and you will have a password that will be hard to crack. It is also advisable that you change your password every six months like any pro would do. Overall, the longer the password the harder it is to crack no matter if the password is not a complex one.

2. Keep your passwords safe
Now that you have come up with a strong password the trick is to keep it in a safe place. Refrain from writing it down on a piece of paper and stuff it into your wallet. That is a risky business. Use an app such as “Memo” which is there by default in your phones. For preventing unauthorized access or furthering safety lock it with a passcode.

3. Quickly and easily speed up your computer
Your computer requires constant upkeep and maintenance in order to function at its optimal level. You leave it unchecked and it will slow down adversely affecting your processor speed. What can you do? Well, for starters, you can delete unnecessary programs that are taking up space and are not in use.  Secondly you can try unloading unnecessary files such as cookies on your computer, defragment your hard drive for added space, do a registry scan to locate damaged/corrupted files and fix them while keeping an eye out for your RAM that how much space it has – you don’t want to run extra programs which is beyond your system’s capability. 

4. Reduce mobile data usage
Data plan can be a relief if your package is unlimited but if it is limited then not so much. Therefore always opt for an unlimited data plan. However, an unlimited data plan costs more and can prove to be expensive for many, thus, it is advisable to switch your carrier or if it is not being offered by your carrier even then you can do any of which follows.
Whenever Wi-Fi is in range, switch to it instead of sticking to your cellular network. Assign a cap on your streaming, by keeping tabs on your streaming you will be better able to regulate your use of the data plan. A 2 hours streaming session can easily eat up of 2GB of your data. Try disabling push notifications such as from games, email, and Facebook. They are shoved on your phone without you ever interacting with them. Moreover, ascertain your data usage by employing monitor for both Android and iPhone.

5. Take advantage of free Windows admin utilities
There are a ton free utilities that are at your disposal for free and will do the same job for you as would any paid version of these utilities. The trick is to be wary of free trials, clicking on banner ads online, succumbing to lucrative spammy offers.
These Windows utilities will help you from configuration to monitoring. These come with full-fledged reviews, and the links to download. These websites interface are free of advertisements as well and that is your clue to figuring out their authenticity.

Author Bio: Dennis Smith is a tech geek and an entrepreneur. He can be contacted for Custom Thesis Writing due to his love for writing. You can follow him for updates via his Twitter handle.

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