How to Join Merchant Navy Courses in India

In accordance with the current scenario, most of the people are seeking for job and at the same time, there are so many job vacancies are available in different fields. Most of the businesses are developed with the help of shipping services directly or indirectly. After completion of general purpose rating course which is similar to the pre sea training course, the candidate may be eligible for the Indian and foreign shipping companies to work.

If the candidate has this qualification, they can attend the exam which is conducted by the board of examinations for seafarers (BES). Especially, in the maritime field, we can have a number of job opportunities from the merchant navy services in India.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The candidate should have secured 40 percent of marks in English and collectively 60 percent. At the same time, they should complete their higher secondary studies with the subjects of physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  2. Otherwise, the candidate should complete their higher studies with the subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology. 
  3. The person who has done the diploma course also can officially register for the merchant navy course with a proper consultant.
  4. The candidate from the commerce department with the corresponding aggregate also eligible to join with it. 
  5. The candidate may be a male or female Indian citizen but, they should not get married.  
  6. Imperfection in eye power can be allowed but the range should be within plus or minus 2.5. 
  7. Coming to the age level, it should be minimum 17 years or and above 17 years to the candidate. 

Selection process

  1. Once the admission through the entrance is completed the screening test and the main written examination will be conducted by the respected government. 
  2. If the candidate is cleared that examination, they are passed to the general interview and the medical test. 
  3. This is mandatory to check that the candidates have completed the ship training course for the basic security techniques while traveling. This is a short term course what the candidate should have to know. 
  4. For the merchant navy course, the candidate can join after completing their 10th or 12th standard or diploma or graduation. Depends upon their final completion, the courses are classified into different categories. 
Those are categorized as follows, 
With the qualification of 10th standard,
  1. GP Rating
  2. NCV deck cadet
  3. Saloon rating
  4. Diploma in Nautical science (DNS)
  5. Commercial Diving
With the qualification of 12th standard,

  1. B.Sc Nautical Science
  2. B.Sc maritime science
  3. B.Sc marine catering
  4. Electro technical officer course
  5. Ship building and repairing
  6. B.E marine engineering
  7. B.E naval architecture and offshore engineering
  8. B.E petroleum engineering
  9. B.E Mechanical engineering
  10. B.E harbor and ocean engineering
  11. B.E civil engineering
  12. B.E electrical and electronics engineering

With the qualification of graduation,
  1. GME course
  2. ETO course
  3. MBA programmes
With the completion of diploma degree, the candidate can continue their DME course in merchant navy sector. 

The group of ships which are available in the merchant navy service is classified as,
  1. Cargo ships
  2. Container ships
  3. Barge carrying ships
  4. Tankers
  5. Bulk carriers
  6. Refrigerator ships
  7. Passenger ships
  8. Roll off/ Roll on ships
While comparing with the other kind of ships, in the cargo ships, availability of job vacancies are more. The merchant navy distributes the following designations to the candidates, 
  • Deck officer (Navigation officer)
  • Electro technical officer
  • Engineer
  • Skilled sea farers
  • Catering and Hospitality crew
The pay scale of the candidate will be varying with respect to the city to city, export-import needs and seniority etc. the salaries of the officers with respect to the designation will be 
  • Junior engineer – Rs. 30,000 per month
  • Chief engineer – Rs. 1.5 lakhs per month
  • Junior officer – Rs. 50, 000 per month
  • Chief Officer – Rs. 2 lakhs per month
Even though, this service of merchant navy is providing a number of job opportunities, it is slightly different from the general navy service which facilitates more commercial services. Dramatically, the vacancy available in the merchant navy is increasing and decreasing depends upon the projects that are handled by the government. By the concern, the scope will be better towards the job opportunities and professional growth of the candidates who are all looking for this. 

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