Revised Movie Theatre Tickets Price details in Tamil nadu

During the high level committee meeting, the representatives from various associations from the cinema industry have represented that the film industry is facing lots of difficulties due to video piracy, increase in the expenses in running the thatres and film making enhancement of entertainment tax from 20% t0 30%. 

The associations have further stated that in view of introduction and enforcement of goods and services ax, they will not be a position to make films and to operate the cinema theatres at the existing rates of admission and many theatres are being closed in view of increase in the expenditure and incurring losses. The cinema association have'therefore requested the government to revise the rates of admission to the cinema theatres in tamil nadu as detailed below.

Greater Chennai:

Types of Theatres Maximum Maximum
Multiplex and AC Theatres Rs.160/- Rs.50/-
Non-AC Rs.140/- Rs.40/-

Other than Chennai city:

Types of Theatres Maximum Maximum
Multiplex and AC Theatres Rs.140/- Rs.50/-
Non-AC Rs.100/- Rs.30/-

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