Honeymoon in Africa: best ideas for your romantic trip

Today, most of the travelers are aware of the natural and cultural wealth of the African continent. It is not only severe deserts and plain steppes. It keeps an amazing natural miracles like waterfalls, deep green forests, sandy beaches surrounded by highlands, breathtaking mountains, and paradise islands. Needless to say about the African fauna that attract millions of adventurers. Isn’t it so romantic? It’s not surprising there are dozens of popular honeymoon destinations in Africa. With https://uabrides.com/video/ let`s look at the most popular and amazing ones.

Nature’s Valley, RSA

Honeymoon in South Africa is one of the most popular choice of enamored couples for travelling. It’s not just one of the richest African countries. It attracts travelers with it’s fantastic spots and wives. Natures Valley is one of them. It is a small sandy cove surrounded by green hills. The emerald ocean water and a deserted beach look exactly like one on of the most expensive tropical resorts. It makes this South Africa honeymoon destination so attractive for couples.

Marrakech, Morocco

From the South straight to the North. Morocco is famous for representing a great part of marvelous Arabian culture. Despite its biggest city Marrakesh is noisy and polluted in some areas (due to many bazaars), there are plenty sites to see on your romantic voyage. Majorelle Gardens, the Ramparts of Marrakech, El Badi Palace, and numerous of fantastic Mosques will leave you breathless because of their unbelievable architecture. Finally, we still recommend you to visit a bazaar to get incredible handcraft souvenirs.

The Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

The list of the best honeymoon destinations in Africa would not be complete without the greatest wonder of the continent. The Victoria Falls is a huge mile-wide and loud torrent which leave everyone breathless. There are many romantic retreats like cottages, villas, fine apartments, and hotels. In addition, the wild nature and fauna in the area of rover Zambezi attracts millions of safari fans. Don’t miss the opportunity to see several nature wonders on your vacation at once.

The Seychelles

A romantic vacation to one of 155 Seychelles islands became a synonym of high-end honeymoon in Africa. This is the world center of honeymoons. The reasons are obvious: the clearest ocean water, the lightest sands, the most beautiful sunrise and sunset, the biggest palms, and the freshest seafood. Here the time stops and makes everyone feel like they are in heaven.

Lake Malawi, Malawi

A tiny country Malawi borders with big Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique. Its greatest treasure is huge lake in which’s honor the country is called. Another name of the lake is Nyasa. It stands out for crystal blue water and magnificent tropical forests, savannahs, and uplands. The locals provide many water sport activities like kayaking or diving. Finally, Malawi is perfect just for hiking and camping.

The Okavango Delta, Botswana

This spot is for the most sophisticated lovers of wildlife. The river Okavango originates in sandy and deserted Angola and ends in a picturesque, green, and moist valley in Botswana. The Delta of Okavango is rich in unique tropical animals, so safari is the most popular entertainment in Botswana. Due to its swampy terrain, it is hard to get here by road, so flying on a small private plane will be another source of unusual travel experience for you. There are many options of accommodation, beginning with cheap apartments and camps for adventurers, and finishing with luxurious cottage complexes.

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