Tamilnadu: New Study syllabus to be rolled out in March 2018

The new curriculum will be published in February by Minister Chengottayan A new curriculum will be released in February, Minister Chengottaiyan said. Minister of Education KA Chekottaiyan came to Kopi in Erode district. He said: "This academic year 3000 Smart Classes will be launched. This will be increased to 10 thousand smart classes in the next academic year. 73 thousand students have joined the training centers for writing the exam. 

As far as this government is concerned, there has been a huge change in education. IAS. Training centers will be provided free plus 5 lakh 80 thousand laptops for Plus Two students. Free IAS training centers will be launched in district libraries. Parents-Teacher Association will be trained to overcome stress among students. They will get the best education in the future. 

New curriculum will be released in February. Instead of replacing the syllabus within 3 years, arrangements have been made to replace new courses within 2 years. The next month's opening ceremonies will be set up at the new tectonics park at Kollapayur near Kopi to work for 8 thousand people. This means 8 thousand jobs will be available. 

72 types of Vocational Plus 1 will be brought from Class. 100 days employment placement staff will be required to complete the entire government schools once a month. A team has been set up to award the 'weightage' score to those who have already qualified in the qualifying examination. They will be appointed by February for their recommendation.

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