New uniform color of government school students

Change of uniform color of government school students! | The color of the free uniform for government school students across Tamilnadu will be transferred from next year (2018-19). The textile industry is preparing to face this change. 

Maroon colored shirt - a pedestal shirt and a skirt-frame in the same color for the students is available for students from the 1st to 5th grade students. In this, 6 to 8 students have green shirt and green light for the students. 

The state government has announced that it will provide 4 sets of uniforms to the government. The booklet for the uniform cloth production this year has been announced by the Department of Handloom and Textiles in Chennai in the first week of February. 

Due to this, uniform cloth production and distribution work is likely to be delayed. The government has announced the introduction of new school uniforms from next academic year. These uniforms will be completed within 125 days (by May) and handed over to the welfare department. 

Then the uniforms will be distributed through the school education department. By the end of May this year, each student, two pairs of uniformed students, and two pairs in the next two months, are planning to deliver uniforms.

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