Smart identity card for TN School students

'Smart' identity card for school students | For all students in Tamil school curriculum, the 'smart' identity card with 'Aadhaar' number will be issued next year. 

There are a lot of work going on to raise the quality of Tamil school education, curriculum change, smart class, training for 'NEET' entry. 

The school education department has decided to provide all students with smart ID cards after opening schools in the coming education year. 

Therefore, the head teachers have been ordered to collect the full details of the students. Prior to final year selection, they are advised to complete these tasks. 

The smart card is included in the smart card, the 'Aadhaar' number, the mobile number, the parent details, the address, the blood group, the teaching language, the education management information system and the 'EMIS' number. The education department is also planning to conduct 'biometric' attendance for students.

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