Google AdSense now supports Tamil Language - Steps to activate your Ad

Google AdSense Officially Supports Tamil:

Dear all fellow blogging community people here we came up with the good news that really surprises the entire Tamil blogging community. Yes, that was longtime awaiting news that finally rolled out now. 

Are you surprised! We too!

Okay, we gonna reveal that now Google Adsense officially supports the Tamil language itself from Feb 2018. Wow, that's so amazing. The previous year the Hindi language was supported by Google AdSense and now this time officially for Tamil. So this service going to avail major languages like Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam for fouth coming years.

Benefits for Tamil Bloggers and Content Creators from AdSense:

Almost there are a lot of Tamil bloggers owned their regional language blog for sharing the personal ideas, life experience, travel, motivational, quotes and more...

They also come with good technology news blog and educational websites that really help lots of students to learn latest happening around the globe. Previously there was no option to monetize Tamil blogs and now considered the Tamil language officially. 

How to activate Google Adsense for Tamil Blogs or Tamil Websites:

If you had Tamil blog or websites with the average good of pageviews and vistors you may apply for Adsense once they reviewed your application they start to review your blog or website manually. Once your blog under google policies you got the Approval status through the email. 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign Up using Gmail and Fill the entire details of your Website.

Step 3: They will take a 2-3 business day to review your application.

Almost Done! Happy Blogging with the Tamil Language. 

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