How to send Money using WhatsApp - UPI Payment Steps

The most anticipated cash transfer facility in the WhatsApp is being tested in India. A new feature is available to selected WhatsApp beta users. Android and IOS The cash transfer facility to be tested on the platforms is the central government's UBI. (UPI) based operation. WhatsApp IOS Beta 2.18.21 and Android beta 2.18.41 versions are checked in the cash transfer facility.

Since the number of WhatsApp users in India are high, digital cash flow is expected to increase significantly. This feature is only offered to selected beta testers, as WhatsApp cash transfer facility is released by Kissmodims.

This feature can be run from the Attachment area in the Short Message Type.

Attachment area is found in the gallery, video, taxonomy.

How to Create WhatsApp UPI Account for Senders and Receivers:

Once clicking on the Payments option, you will have to select the customer using the bank and connect the account to the UPI. (Those who do not use the Payment Mechanism have to do the same with Authentication. In addition to the UPI.)

Create an account (do not start the UPI account earlier).

WattsApp Payment feature has been reported that the senders and recipients of the money should be processed.

Customers are reported to be blaming the bank accounting for it though it is being tested in beta. From July last year, WhatsApp is trying to implement the cash flow service.

Earlier in August last year, the same feature was found in the Android beta version. Central government Since the implementation of the algorithm, companies like Samsung, Zomato.

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