VITEEE 2017: Students Reaction and Analysis

VIT conducts Engineering Entrance Examevery year for candidates aspiring to secure a seatin the engineering and technology courses offered at Vellore Institute of Technology. VITEEE 2017 was conducted from April 5-16for admission to B.Tech. programs. A total of 2.23 lakh applicants appeared for the Computer Based Test (CBT), which was held in centers spread across the country and also abroad.

VITEEE 2017: Students Reaction and Analysis

The application process for VITEEE 2018 began on November 1, 2017 and the candidates can apply for the same till February 28th, 2018. The exam is scheduled to be held from 4-15 April, 2018.

For VITEEE, candidates have an option to attempt papers in either:
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English (PCM variant)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English (PCB variant)
The above selection has to be done at the time of slot booking itself. Candidates who attempt the PCM variant of the exam are eligible for all the B. Tech Programs offered at the university. Candidates attempting PCB variant are eligible for B. Tech. in Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Science and Engineering (with specialization in Bioinformatics available).

Duration of the exam is for 2 hours 30 minutes conducted in 3 slots on each day. The sessions are:
  • Session 1: 9:00 am to 11:30 am
  • Session 2: 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
  • Session 3: 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Paper is a Multiple Choice Question Paperwhich consists of 125 questionsin each of the PCM and PCB formats, 120 questions of PCM/PCB format. There are 40 Questions from each of the sections of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology. Apart from these, there are 5 questions of English. There are no negative marksfor wrong answers. Since this exam does not have negative marks, it is advisable that the candidate try to guess the closest plausible answers to questions which they don’t exactly know the answer to. If deduced correctly, candidates would be able to increase their score. If not, there is still no loss of marks.

Sections Total number of questions
Physics 40
Chemistry 40
Mathematics / Biology 40
English 5
Total 125

Student's reactions:

Most of the students who attempted the exam in 2017 declared it to be pretty easy as compared to 
JEE Main 2017 offline exam which was held on April 2.Students’ Reactions

Our First opinion comes from Chandra Dev Pandey, who believed that the exam was all about time management. He said, “VITEEE was very smooth unlike JEE Main. I was not able to handle the exam pressure in JEE and thus, I am not happy with my performance in that exam. However, the former was a different game altogether. It was all about time management. Not everyone would be able to solve the paper, if they did not keep a tab on time. There were 125 questions to be solved in 150 minutes. If you knew the answer and if your concepts were crystal clear, only then you would be able to solve the entire paper in time”. In his own opinion, he found VITEEE to be a much better experience than JEE. Then, sharing his views on the exam pattern, he added, “While some questions were absolutely conceptual, there were others which were based on direct formulas. It was a test of speed and concepts. Only those students who have practiced a lot would be able to solve a paper like this. I could solve the mathematics in about 45 minutes.”

“In Chemistry, I guess, there were a lot of questions from electro-chemistry. In Mathematics, weightage, according to me, was given to the geometry portion. It had loads of questions from trigonometry and calculus. Calculus and co-ordinate, as topics, has been given a lot of emphasis in other exams as well. I was able to solve 100-120 questions today”, added Chandra Dev Pandey.

Appearing for his first ever engineering entrance exam of the season, Ashar Rahman from DPS - Faridabad, Haryana stated, “I would rate the paper as average. The questions weren’t difficult but lengthy and tricky. I didn’t have much time to solve all the questions. All my friends who have appeared for JEE Main offline exam shared that VITEEE was way easier than JEE. I can’t compare this one with JEE as I am yet to appear for the exam. I opted for the online exam which is scheduled for April 8”.

According to students, there was not much of a difference between the difficulty levels of all the three sections. All the three sections had similar difficulty levels. One of the students who took the exam in the afternoon slot was quoted saying, “I believe that the paper was set in a way where difficult questions were incorporated in the middle and not at the beginning.” In his own words, he said “The set that I got had easy questions at the very start. Easy is actually a relative term. For me it was easy, for others it might be difficult. However, I would definitely say that the paper was very scoring.”

There were also a few students who weren’t so happy with the examination. Few students felt that some of the questions in the paper were out of syllabus. 

VaibhavTyagi, an engineering aspirant from Delhi was quoted saying, “I think few of the questions in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry were out of syllabus.” He also said, “These questions, I felt, were of BSc level. We have not studies these in Class 12th, or even in our coaching classes. It was not even at par with the level of JEE Main or JEE Advanced. In fact, when I got home, I checked those particular questions and found that they were indeed out of syllabus.” Vaibhav wasn’t the only one with that view.

Reiterating similar thoughts, Ashar shared, “I think there were some questions that were out of syllabus especially in Chemistry. In the Maths section, more emphasis was given to co-ordinate geometry. In Physics, some questions were tricky while some were direct. I couldn’t solve all the questions. Since there was no negative marking, I also attempted questions I wasn’t sure of”.

The mixed bag of reviews points at VITEEE 2017 being a very polarizing exam. Looking through all the students’ opinions though, we find that there are a lot more people who claimed that the exam was quite a difficult one.

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