Can’t Decide Which Amazon Echo Speaker To Buy? Here’s How You Can Choose

Voice operated speakers are one of the coolest technologies everyone would like to have in their homes. Back in 2014, Amazon first came out with its flagship- Amazon Echo as a voice operated personal assistant and music system. Since then, other companies like Google, Apple has come up with their own smart speakers.

Even Amazon has various variants of Smart speakers- Echo Plus, Dot, Spot and Show. The utility of these gazettes has multiplied over the years as one can do so much through voice control. These speakers have found their way into our lives through television, shops and internet creating a high demand for them.

All smart speakers under Amazon are equipped with Alexa, a build in voice assistant that helps you complete tasks at home. For instance, you want to dim the light or play any song, you can simply say “Alexa, Dim the lights” or “Alexa, turn on the music/ play (your preference) song.
So in case you wish to buy one, you will first have to choose, which speaker to buy? Below we have mentioned all your options in detail. Go through the same to select the right speaker that fits your needs.

Echo Dot: Trying Out the Water

You are happy with the systems already present at home, however are still intrigued by the ones shown on commercials and want to try the new voice command digital assistant?  In that case, Echo Dot should be your choice. Pretty small in size, with workable speaker quality and sound, the speaker is just enough for all casual music lovers. Also it can connect with other music systems via Bluetooth easily.

Echo (Second Generation): Listen to Music

Echo Second Generation is of the size of a one littler water bottle and is a great device to listen to music. The original version was more bass oriented but the second generation has Dolby digital quality of sound. Also it is portable so you can carry it with you without the worry of searching for power point.

Echo Plus: Automate The House

Echo Plus looks very similar to Echo, but appearance can really be deceiving. Echo plus has all the features of Echo plus it can work as an external hub to automate your house. It is saving you the cost of having an extra hub along with providing great sound.

Echo Spot: Touch Screen

Echo Spot and Echo Show come with a touch screen feature. There are various cool customization's available for you. One can even make video calls through this speaker. Plus it has all the attributes of its predecessors as well.
Another aspect that one keeps in mind while making purchases is price. The speakers are mentioned in the order of their price with Echo Dot being the cheapest and Echo Spot being the costliest option. Based on your needs and your budget, you can go for any one of them from here.

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