SSAS Scheme Sabko Shiksha & Achchi Shiksha in Tamilnadu

About SSAS Scheme Sabko Shiksha & Achchi Shiksha in Tamilnadu

The Announcement has been issued to all the Central Government's Educational Scheme (SSA), RMSA (Intermediate Education Scheme) and the State Project District Teacher Education and Training Institute (Diet).

It has been allocated Rs. 75,000 crore to the SSA (Sabko Shiksha & Achchi Shiksha) Scheme.

The SSA, The RMSA program is in the 10th class. It allocates funding for teaching, equipment, teacher training, new classroom, school and federal governments at 60:40.

This includes 1-12 classes under the new scheme. The project will be up to 2020. Officials said: "Once the entire information is received, This will provide schools with 100 percent basic facilities.

Modern plans for the next stage are possible with additional facilities including learning, digital technology, computer technology, electronic curriculum, virtual classroom.

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