Class 1,6,9,11 Textbooks Download Online @

New textbooks for classes 1,6,9,11 will be posted on the website from May 31.

The school curriculum, which has not changed for a long time in the past, has been gradually replaced. The new curriculum will be implemented for 1,6,9,11 classes in the first place.

Subsequently, new curriculum will be implemented gradually in subsequent academic years for other classes.  New books will be available for sale at the end of this month. Recent education books for 1,6,9,11 classes will be published on May 23,
New textbooks are published on the website of the Tamil Nadu state education research and training institute ( on ​​May 31. According to the website's server capacity, new textbooks will be published on the basis of classes and lessons on the website.

All the textbooks for school students can be viewed through classes and lessons by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Education Services website website (

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