Complete Guide: Tamil nadu Police Cashless Fine System

Tamil Nadu traffic police introduced cashless fine system in Coimbatore to ease payment of fines for those who violate traffic rules.

Some Highlights:
  • Tamil nadu traffic police introduce cashless fine system.
  • The System is introduced to ease payment of fines for traffic rule violators.
  • 70 swipe machines have been introduced to collect spot fine.
  • Aim is to reduce the traffic violators in the city.
  • City police will also launched new system called "No accident day".
  • Motorists, public & police will jointly create awareness about traffic rules.

In Chennai, the penalty for violation of traffic rules has been canceled. Motorists who violate the rules can no longer pay only electronically.
There are allegations that the charges are charged to the penalty here. Most of the Chennai residents have gained experience here. Some of the victims have been involved when the traffic guards are caught in the vehicle. Traffic guards in such incidents - were able to see the public faced with the words. In some places the argument turned out to be sophisticated.

How to Pay Cashless Fine through Online:

Pay the fine within 48 hours. Those who pay the penalty will receive the receipt. 
Fine cellphone can take it to SCREEN SHOT. If you pay fine online PRINT can be taken.
  • Fines for infringement will be imposed on the owner's name, and this time it is possible to find stealing vehicles easily. 
  • Drunk drivers can not pay fine by these methods. 
  • Alcohol consumers will be confiscated. 
  • Traffic guards hoped that the conflict would be blocked by the new system.

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