TNDALU Admission 2018-19 [How to Apply Online]

Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University , Admissions 2018-19

Applications for 5 year Integrated Legal Studies (Hons) for Regular Studies at the University of Criminal Law will be issued on Monday (May 28).

Applications for 5 year legal courses will be issued by the government on June 1.
Applications for 3 year honors and 3 year legal courses will be issued on June 27.

Further, the application has been requested for permission to start legal studies through telecommunication. It will be launched after the university grants approval. Furthermore, NRIs will be filled only by government order.

How many seats in the 10 Government Law Colleges in Tamil Nadu have 1411 seats for 5 year legal courses and 1541 seats for 3 year legal courses. There are 624 places in the Regional Legislative Council. Procedures are made to apply for legal entities through online and offline applications.

Applications can be obtained directly from Government Law Colleges in 10 places including Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Coimbatore, Thirunelveli and Chengalpattu. Applicants can download the application from

Steps to apply Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University , Admissions 2018-19

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