AMMA e-service of Land Records - Check Patta Chitta Records

Steps to check Patta/Chitta/Adangal and Land Records through Mobile App

Tamil nadu Government launched new mobile application for checking land records on mobile with in a second. Now user can easily access the entire land related queries and and other land records with few clicks using the mobile phone.

Do you want check patta details survey number online or mobile app?

Amma e-service of Land Records
Amma e-service of Land Records

Web portal also in integrated with mobile app so users perform all action without any hustle.

You can check the following details through AMMA e-Services App

1. A-Register - To check A-Register details of your land.
2. Chitta - To view the Chitta Details.
3. Application Status - To check your current Application Status through Mobile.
4. Type of Land - What are all the kind of the lands that currently available.

How to Check Patta Chitta And adangal Records details in Mobile:

Step 1: Go to this link and install the mobile application AMMA e-Services
Step 2: Check the above 4 process like we mentioned above.
Step 3: Enter the land records with respective input and press submit option.

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