Eligibility for Aawas Yojana Scheme in India

Who will get the house through the Prime Minister Minister Aawas Yojana?

The Prime Minister's Minister Aawas Yojana is planning a plan to bring all the people home to India by 2022.

Through this program, women, economically backward classes, SCs and STs can benefit from the house grants. If you have a home under the Pradhan Minister Aawas Yojana project, you have a home in the economy, you can get a home with a low income or a minority community. It is very easy to get a loan to build a house in the name of women.

Backward Classes in Economics: Under the Pradhan Minister Aawas Yojana, the program will be put forward to the backward classes in the economy. If women and minority community are passengers, it is still easier to get home. Formal documents should be submitted to prove that it is the backward class of the economy.

Who is the backbone of the economy?

Those who have less than 3 years of annual income come back to the economy in the backdrop. The government divides the economy to the backward and low income people.

Lower-income sectors can easily get loans for building a house by submitting necessary documents under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana project. The income of the low income class should be subject to a maximum of Rs 6 lakhs. Housing loan up to 6 lakhs can be made at 6.5% housing loan.

Income range & limit for Prime Minister Minister Aawas Yojana:

A personal income of Rs 12 lakhs from Rs 9 lakh to home loans can be withdrawn from interest rates of 4%.

Income range for Prime Minister Minister Aawas Yojana:

Personal income of Rs 18 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs.

Belonging to the minority community: When the minority community seeks to buy the house under the Prime Minister Aawas Yojana program, it means that the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Classes have to submit proper formalities.

Under this scheme women have a high priority. Women who seek to buy a house under this scheme can get loans for easy construction, regardless of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes and other Backward Classes.

If the family is trying to build a house under the Pradhan Minister Aawas Yojana, then the child should not be married. The person who wants to build a house must be between the age of 70 years. Under this scheme, no one in the house should have a loan.

Benefits of Prime Minister Minister Aawas Yojana:

At least 30 square meters, the lower income range is 60 square meters, the income limit of 1 in 90 square meters, the income limit of 2 to 110 square meters of house.

1 sq. M = 10.7639 sq ft

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