How to Apply Prime Minister Aawas Yojana scheme in Tamilnadu

How to Apply Prime Minister Aawas Yojana scheme in Tamilnadu

How to verify the name in the list of beneficiaries?

Before applying, visit the following link and check if there is a name in the list of beneficiaries of the Prime Minister Aawas Yojana. Click this link for

Aadhaar number is mandatory: Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will have to enter their base number in the following link. Only after the Aadhaar number you will be transferred to the application.

How to Apply Prime Minister Aawas Yojana scheme through online in Tamilnadu:

Click on this link to enter the Aadhaar number. You also need bank accounting to apply under Prime Minister Aawas Yojana scheme.

You will be taken to the link in this picture after the Aadhaar number is entered. 

Step 1: Here you will need to enter your address, bank account details, base number, mobile number, personal details, and income details. 

Step 2: After completing the complete application, check the box and check the resume button.

Step 3: After clicking the save button you will get an application number. Hold it or save it. This will help you in the other way. 

Click on this link to find the status of the application

Click on this link to print the filled application and print it when you need it.

You can revise your application by going to the following link under the Prime Minister Minister Aawas Yojana. 

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation will receive your application for the purpose of assessment and the final approval will be provided to the State Government / Urban Local Authority.

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