How to apply for passport on mobile with mPassportSeva app

How to apply for passport on mobile with mPassportSeva app?

Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has launched a mPassportSeva program on 26/6/2018 Tuesday to abolish the complexity of passports in India.

This app can apply for passport from any corner of India. Although the mPassportSeva app is introduced in 2013, there are not many key features required. There are a number of key features in the new veshin.
The new mPassportSeva app introduced on June 5, 2018, is available in both Google Play Store and IOS. This app is not yet ready for Windows Phone users. It was advised to be careful from the same live simulator processes.

Google PlayStore: Download mPassportSeva Android App

IOS AppStore: Download iOS Android App

What has changed in the new mPassportSeva app?
The mPassportSeva process introduced in 2013 has been the key to the passport application of the renewed mPassportSeva 3.0, as it was only to track the passport application and get the terms of the application. You can also pay a passport fee online through the process.

Services already for passport holders
Those who already have a passport to renew it will be able to edit the personal details and get new passports in the new function. Police verification and background testing facilities have been introduced in the process.

How to Apply for Passport with mPassportSeva app
Apply for passport on mPassportSeva app and apply online will be a model. In addition, there will not be any comfort.

After downloading the mPassportSeva app on mobile, you must choose the new user registration.

Passport Office
Need to choose a passport office. When you choose the passport office, all the documents you have provided will be subject to the city. If a job is not available in your city, you can choose to look in any city near the passport office.

Important details
Payer, email agent, date of birth and other details should be provided correctly when applying for the passport.

The user name must be created as well as the app to choose an email address. You need to create a password.

Security questions
If you forget the password for the password, you have to provide security questions and answers to it to be retrieved.

Captcha code
You need to enter the CAPTCHA code to make sure that the system is not available and the application must be submitted.

Then a verification link will be sent to your email address. You should go to the Passport website and sign in with your User ID and Password.

Verification tasks
After completing verification tasks, go to the mPassportSeva app and click on the captcha code to select the registered user already.

New Passport
After selecting a new passport application, you will need to complete the required details such as the tar number, voter identity card and driver's license and submit the application.

Tracking code
You will be given a code after the successful submission of the application. You can easily track the status of your application using it.

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