How to use TNSchools attendance Android App

Step by step Guide to use TNSchools attendance Android App on Phone - பள்ளி வருகைப்பதிவேடு

TNSchools Attendance was dedicated Online App used to make attendance through Android smartphone with fast as easy with few minutes.

In this post, we explain how to install and make attendance using the TNSchools Attendance App.

1. Visit the link and Install the Official App : TNSchools Attendance App

2. After Login with Username and Password.

3. Now Press Students Attendance Option.

4. Then Choose the respective Class.

5. Now add the attendance according to the student presence.
P- Present, A- Absent

Make sure you must have Internet Connection on your phone to update your Attendance.

Update your attendance before 9.00am otherwise the attendance will be updated itself by latecomers.

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