TET - Teacher Appointment Without weightage Method

Teacher Appointment Without weightage Method by education Minister:

School Education Minister KA Shenkotiyan said that the decision of the Government to consider the decision on the lack of a weightage in the teacher qualification examination.

In the 2013 qualifying examination, intermediate teachers were selected by 42 thousand 724 people. In this, 13 thousand 781 people got vacancies. The rest of the people have seven years. 52 thousand 646 graduate teachers have graduated. They employed 20 thousand 275 persons.

It is not the duty of the state: In order to qualify for the examination, the candidates can be awarded with certificates, but they are not the duty of the state to provide employment to all. However, in 2014, 4 thousand 938 persons have been appointed for appointment in the examination board. The inquiry has been handed over to the police. It's time delayed. The action has been taken to speed up the process.

Request for removal of the weightage system for those who have passed the exam in the qualifying examination.

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