6 Unknown Facts about Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy

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Facts about Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy:

If there is a person respecting God in the world, he will be a physician. On July 1, the Doctor's Day is celebrated in India to celebrate them.

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, born July 1, 1882, was born in Patipirpur, Bihar. PCRay, who loves most of the poor, devoted himself to medical care.

Dr. P. Rai, who gave his home a poor hospital for the poor, made free doctors daily for the poor even during his first minister.

He died on July 1, 1962 (July 1962).

Although the doctors are celebrated as a day on March 30 in many countries including America, Dr. P.R.R. is celebrated as Doctors Day on July 1 annually in India only.

19 Since 1976, Dr. PCI Rai has been awarded for better medical care.

Human health and life doctors doctors. However, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) study concluded that their life is less than the average population.

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