Free NEET Coaching by Tamilnadu Government through Video Conference System

Chennai: Free NEET Coaching across Tamilnadu Government through Video Conference System

The government and state-run school students will start a 'NET' exam in a week. 300 government school teachers are ready to train.

Students who have completed Plus 2 need to qualify for the Medical Examination. Many private companies offer training for the NEAT examination. But, more than Rs. Hence, the NEET Entrance Examination is being offered on behalf of the government for the underprivileged students in the government and state aid schools. The training was introduced by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2017. The book, which has already been asked, is the question of NEET examinations and the main question-answers book is available to the students.

This training was provided in the schools' daily in the video conferencing system and as a special class on weekends. After completion of the general examination, there were additional training for various school campuses, food and accommodation, and government school students. Similarly, the Tamil Nadu government's free diet plan for this year is yet to begin in a week.

For this, plus 2 lessons learned, 320 teachers, trained cities, Bangalore and Hyderabad have been trained. Furthermore, the school officials said that the bank's handbook is ready, along with the questions and answers of the questions, 2017-18.

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