- Apply Community Income Birth & Death Certificate in Tamilnadu

Are you Looking for How to Apply for Community and Income and Birth, Death Ceritifcate through Online mode here the best post for you.

Various services have been provided under Tamil Nadu Power Authority through the Power Transform Plan. In the first phase, the three services of the Revenue Department are caste certificates, income certificates and location certification (UM-A-NG).

List of Certificates provided by TNESEVAI Portal: 
The public can download this on their mobile phones and receive certificates for 24 hours at home.

63 services of public sector departments are being provided only through public service centres and e-service centres implemented by Tamilnadu power plant.

To avoid collateral here, services can be easily accessed by the public on a regular basis for 24 hours, as long as the public is in their home.

An open service centre, has been created at a cost of Rs 30 lakh. Initially, 20 certificates of revenue department will be provided. Thus the statement says.

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