IFHRMS Adding Employees into a Pay Bill Group

Adding Employees into a Pay Bill Group in IFHRMS Software. Simple and definitive Guide to users.

Step 1: Click Finance icon and click Pay roll icon

Step 2: Select the Period Name (for which the pay bill is to be prepared)*
And click Search button. The entire Employees of the office will be listed.
Note* Please leave the Pay bill Group blank

Step 3: Select the employees (to be added in a particular group) and click

Add/Update Bill Group button

Step 4: Select the Bill Group Name in drop down list and enter the Effective Start Date field
(01-May-2018) and click the Submit Button

Step 5: Click the OK button in Popup box.

Step 6: Click Monitory Request Status and ensure the status being Completed*.
(The process contains three levels – Pending, Running and Completed)
*Note: We have to refresh the process to get completed. Refresh button is at the top the table.

Step 7: Click the View output link (to check the group with employees)
*Note: The above process will be repeated for creating another pay bill groups

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