IFHRMS Pay Components (Element Entry) Process Step by Step Guide

IFHRMS Pay Components (Element Entry)Process Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Click the Human Resource Pay roll process icon

Step 2: Click the element entry link then click the create batch button (batch name is system generated)

Step 3: Enter the Effective date (the month for the pay bill is to be processed) then select Create New entry in
action if Entry Exists and remove the tick mark in the check box (reject if future changes exists)
Note : leave the both check boxes unchecked

Step4: Click Next Button (right side top) and select Employee Name field (Use tab button in keyboard) The Employee No. is automatically generated (vice versa)

Step5: Select the Element Name and click Input Values (pencil mark in yellow color) and enter the
Note: Input values may be Standard Value / Percentage /User Entered Amount / Previous Value

Step 6: Click Save button and then click Validate and click Ok in the popup box

Step 7: Click Refresh icon and watch the batch status for the process getting valid. Click Update icon (Yellow pencil)

Step 8: Click Next button and check approval hierarchy and click the Submit button.

Note: IFHRMS Application have default dues (Duty Pay, Grade Pay, DA, HRA, CCA and MA) Deduction (GPF Subscription, CPS Regular, FBF and all advances). Follow the above said process to add the remaining dues and deduction to be added.

GPF Subscription Update

Step 1: Click the Human Resource Pay Roll Service icon

Step 2: Click the GPF Subscription Update link then click the employee id field and select the starts With option, enter first 2 digits of the Employee Number and click ok button. Click Action button (for the employee who’s GPF Subscription to be updated)

Step 3: Click Create button

Step 4: Enter the field Effective Date (date from which the change is to be) and enter the revised
Subscription amount

Step 5: click the Review button and click Submit button.

Verifier Log in

Step 1: Click the Finance Icon click the notification link and check all the updated details.

Step 2: Click the Verify Button (The button is at top of the Right side).

Approver Log in

Step 1: Click Finance icon and click the Notification link and check all the updated details.

Step 2: Click the Approve button (The button is at top of the Right side)

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