What is Considered us CPS Missing Credit - List of Rules CPS Credit

What is CPS Missing Credit?

There were no credits missing in the account books of the preceding years. Those years have been added to the accounting sheets of the following years (*). They are not credits.

The subscription to March shows a few years with the subscription of April. (3200 + 3200 = 6400). It's not like missing crops in March.

List of Rules involved in CPS Missing Credit:

1. If some people do not go on for several months of the year, see if they are in the next year's booklets, and if they do not have a monthly subscription, they should be called Missing Credits.
In the years 2017- 2018 (-) the amount paid is Missing Credit.

2. DA Arrears only counts in a month, and Missing credits if they do not have a monthly subscription. (The simplest way to get your monthly account from the beginning of the month to March 2018 all the months on white detail and your online account slip can be done by Missing Credits for the missing months).

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