Tamil Nadu 12th HSC Public Exam Time Table 2019 - Rescheduled Dates

Tamil Nadu 12th HSC Public Exam Time Table 2019 - Latest Rescheduled Dates

1st March (Friday) - Tamil

5th (Tuesday) - English

5th (Thursday) - Nutrition (Vocational), Commerce, Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Textile and Apparel Design, Food Management & Child Care, Agricultural Training, Nursing (General), Nursing (Vocational)

11th Monday (Monday) - Physics, Economics, General Machine, Electronic Equipment, Civil Draftsman, Electrical Machine and Equipment, Auto Mechanic, Textile Technology.

13th (Wednesday) - Chemistry, accounting, geography

15th (Friday) - Communicative English, Indian Cultural, Computer Science, Bio-Chemical, Special Language (Tamil), Land Science, Political Science, Statistics.

19th (Tuesday) - Biology, Botany, History, Business Mathematics, Office Management, Accounting and Censorship Theory.

For those students who have already failed in these subjects, from 10 am to 1.15 pm (except for Tamil and English subjects), the exam will be held on the basis of the new formal exams as per usual practice.

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